Robert J. Schuster – CCG Game Design

In this episode of Behind the Screen, we talk with Robert Schuster, Game Designer at Wizards of the Coast, who does work on one of the most long-lived and well-known collectible card games out there in Magic: The Gathering, as well as their most recent digital version of the game, Magic: The Gathering Arena. When not working on contributions to new designs, mechanics, and Magic: The Gathering game balance, Robert is a caring father, husband, and friend to those who know him.

Frank takes a journey with Robert through his road to Seattle, and into one of the most well known game companies in the world. We discuss how Magic: The Gathering has changed and influenced his life, how social media and the digital realm have morphed how collectible card games take feedback, and some of his own personal trials and tribulations working towards a fulfilling job and a family he loves and cares for deeply. Side note: Robert doesn’t blink an eye at Frank being a dirty denial and control blue player.

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