When Frank and I got into community management over a decade ago, we did so with the intention to not simply grow community spaces where people who shared the same hobbies could thrive, but to be the voices for the unheard.

The games industry has grown leaps and bounds in those ten years, and in the process, the stories of the people who have been a part of that growth have become harder to hear. Frank and I both felt that this was a unique problem-space, and one that we could put work into solving through our experience as community managers.

Behind the Screen is the answer to that problem.

We talk to people who are not just in game development itself, but those who are researching, teaching, playing, or even shoutcasting the games we see today. It is our dream to highlight their stories, told through their voices, rather than through the lens of a studio, which can frequently feel devoid of the “human element.”

So join us, and stay awhile, as we listen to the stories of those who are behind the screen.

-Kristen and Frank


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