Judy Barbosa – eSports Events

In this episode, we talk with Judy Barbosa, a voice actor, community manager, and events host who heads up the NYC League of Legends group and the Order of Gamemasters for D&D enthusiasts. We talk about how Judy got into voice acting and how she grabbed the reins of NYCLOL to build it into a thriving and welcoming community with events for watching professional League of Legends. We also hear from Judy about the challenge of building credibility for holding e-sports events in venues usually dominated by traditional sports, what she’s learned planning them for the last few years, as well as how she continues to prop up and help create opportunities and awareness for Latinx gamers and budding D&D DMs in her area and beyond.

Music credit: Geoplex – Resplendent from The Arcadium/TheFatRat

Judy’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jetset_
NYC League of Legends Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYC_LOL
Order of Gamemasters Twitter: https://twitter.com/jointheorder
Frank’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/phoenixred
Kristen’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiniWhiteRabbit
The Arcadium: https://the-arcadium.net/